natural dog food

Natural dog food is our heritage and is the flagship range of parcelpet. Like all our dog food, it is hypoallergenic, and that means it avoids all common allergens for pets, such as dairy, soya, pork, eggs and wheat. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it is kinder on tummies. Our natural dog food range has high nutritious value, and because of this, you don't need to feed your pet so much as for most supermarket brands. This means it last longer and actually doesn't cost as much as you might think. To give you an idea of pricing, a small dog like a Shih Tzu would cost about 29p per day to feed if you chose our Naturals 'Chicken and Rice'. To feed an average sized dog like a Cocker Spaniel would cost around 77p per day. Even a huge dog, like a Great Dane would only cost about £1.90 per day! Not too bad, considering it's top quality dry complete dog food and you don't need to supplement with anything else. Like us, to stay healthy, active and happy, dogs need a balanced diet containing a wide range of nutrients, made easily available in a balanced tasty kibble. Our Naturals range is designed for dogs for all ages and types, from Mastiff to Miniature Dachshund, with varying size of kibble to match. Browse our tasty Natural recipes below.

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