kitten food

Your kitten has a lot of growing up to do in their first six months of life. It's important to give them the best start by feeding them high quality kitten food. When they are small, kittens need high levels of animal protein for rapid growth and to maintain high energy levels. It's important to feed your kitten nutritious food which avoids common allergens too. This helps to prevent allergies in later life and supports growth and development. Choose hypoallergenic kitten food to avoid dairy, soya, eggs, corn gluten meal, seafood, pork and wheat. Our tasty range of dry kitten food is hypoallergenic, high in protein, very palatable and provides the essential nutrition for healthy, growing kittens. All our kitten food contains Omega 3, which helps a variety of inflammatory conditions affecting the heart, kidney, skin and joints. It can help relieve itchy skin and makes your kitten's coat lovely and smooth. For kittens with sensitive tummies you should also avoid grain such as rice, wheat or oats. Our grain free range uses sweet potato instead of grain, which gives slow release energy as well as being a good source of Vitamin B. Vitamin B is needed for cell development and energy levels. Will your kitten enjoy Chicken and Rice? Or maybe the delicious grain free Chicken, Salmon and Sweet Potato? Do let us know how they got on (contact us), we'd love to see a photo of your little kitten enjoying our Parcelpet food!