dry cat food for adult cats

Our complete dry cat food is a hypoallergenic kibble and provides a healthy, balanced diet for your adult cat. Choose from our range of Natural cat food - a healthy, balanced diet full of vital vitamins or our Grain Free cat food - which is a no-grain alternative, vet approved diet suitable for cats with grain allergy or sensitivity. Both ranges have been developed by vet-approved nutritionists to give your cat a complete dry meal, full of nutrients, with no nasty additives or allergens. Prices start from 33p per day for a small cat and you might be wondering how such fantastic food can be so inexpensive. The reason is that because it is so nutritious, you don't need to feed as much as with most supermarket brands, so the bag lasts longer. More money in your pocket! Our dry cat food shown below is suitable for all adult cat breeds - from a Persian cat to a Tabby cat! Tell us about your cat and which Parcelpet food they like best!

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