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our simple subscription service explained

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Tell us about your pet

Dog, cat, lazy bones or fitness fanatic… we want to know it all! By telling us all there is to know about your pet we’re able to use our nifty food calculator to work out just what food they need to thrive.

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Choose from our recommendations

From here, you can choose from our recommended recipes for your pet. You can learn more about ingredients as well as some insight into your pet’s feeding plan (don’t worry, we’ll send you a copy of this with your first order!)

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Claim your offer

For fussy pets, a trial is a great place to start. Our trial is only £5.99 and means you get 10 days to introduce the new food to your pet before your full subscription kicks in! Or, you can start saving today and dive straight into a subscription. We currently offer new customers 50% off their 1st and 3rd bag (that’s the same as getting 1 back completely free!)

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Your subscription starts

Once you’ve done all of the above, you’re set! We’ll be sure to send you across all the info you need to keep up to date with delivery intervals, the latest pet care advice and other good stuff. Remember – a Parcelpet subscription puts you in full control, with no strings attached.

take our 10 day trial for £5.99