customise your delivery

At Parcelpet, we’ve created a solution to make pet owners lives that little bit easier, and our free delivery service is one of them.

We offer free repeat delivery to all our customers as part of our unique personalised scheduling service online. This is our flexible subscription service.

Our service guarantees you will always have your next bag just before you are about to run out so that you don’t have to remember and your pet gets a consistently healthy diet.

Gone are the days of running out of food and lugging your heavy bag from the supermarket to your car! Or trawling the internet for the latest offer.

We give you a personalised account and schedule online which allows you to stay in control of your pet’s diet.
This means you can easily make changes to your subscription online - you may wish to mix it up a little with a new recipe, tweak our recommended delivery schedule, change the size of bag you receive - all possible with just a few clicks of a mouse. Awesome!

If you need to postpone your delivery, or even pause it, you can also do this online by logging into your account.

future deliveries

All your scheduled deliveries will be shown on your account pages. We have created a simple account page to help you access all this information and you can do it from any of your online home devices.

You can also amend your delivery date just in case you want it a little sooner or a little later than planned.

delivery costs

All of our deliveries are FREE to the whole of the UK.

things you need to know

We know you are very busy, so our service means you don’t need to be in to receive your order. We can leave it in your designated safe place for you.

If you have chosen a trial, we will start your deliveries after 10 days so you can start using our healthy food as soon as possible.
Don’t want to wait 10 days? That’s no problem - just let us know and we’ll send your next delivery straight out to you.

and don't forget ...

Ensure your address, contact details and your designated safe place is up to date via your account page.

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